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Predicting the future has one of the highest probabilities of being wrong. A great example of this would be a meteorologist. The forecast for the weather can change daily and in some states hourly. Meteorologist have fancy technology to predict the weather. If we are looking into the future of senior care, the advances of technology will lead to the fore front of changes within the senior living and senior care field.

Cost of Senior Care

Depending on the state of residency, the cost of senior care is going to go up as the trend for cost of senior care has risen from as little to 3% to a whopping 40% in the last 5 years and that is just the rise in cost for nursing homes. Assisted living facilities have seen similar acceleration of cost.

Technology in the limelight

One of the best ways for technology to help senior care is to help the senior feel connected with their love ones. Pre-pandemic the ease in which loved ones would come and go was a great for the seniors but as the restrictions and safety concerns rose, a lot of people stressed about their loved ones. This is where technology helped bridge that gap. In the next year, apps and devices such as FaceTime, and Alexa are going to continue to be used more frequently to help keep the connection between loved ones and our precious seniors.

Another way that technology is going to continue to help seniors and their care is the way that seniors go to the doctor. Telehealth became a huge business during the spread of Covid 19 and Telehealth will continue to be implemented and rolled out to the senior community to help them get the diagnosis of their medical concern without coming into a doctor’s office. This way the senior can go about their day in a quicker, more efficient way.

Technology can help seniors get to point A to point B. Seniors can leverage the knowledge they gained with technology to now be able to get a ride anywhere they want. They would need to be in applicable places, but with the prevalence of Uber, Lyft, and other ride sharing companies makes the ability to get from place to place easier than having to wait on a loved one to make time available to transport them. This also will help with the seniors reliance on unreliable public transportation.

A way that technology can benefit both care givers and seniors is the availability and ease of GPS trackers. GPS trackers can be used on patients that have dementia or Alzheimer’s and if the senior becomes lost or confused on their location, the care providers can use the GPS to track down their location help them safely back to a familiar place.

Idea of how to care for Seniors

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There have many different philosophies and strategies to help keep seniors healthy, happy, and living their best possible life. One of the ones that has gained traction and is being implemented all over the country is the focus of wellness. For years, senior living communities have focus on a care-first mindset. The changes that are occurring and will continue to take grip is a wellness-first mindset with availability of care. Some of the more proven wellness ideas are as following:

  • Education and lifelong learning
  • Exercise
  • Healthy living education and education on how to care for certain illnesses and diseases by the senior themself
  • Food and nutrition programs

These are the for most common but not all of the wellness ideas that will continue to shape the way we look at senior care and the ability to care for our seniors.

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