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The Suncrest Senior Living assisted living home in Farmington Hills is the perfect setting and perfect location for those looking for personalized care in a quiet and quaint, small-group environment. If you or a loved one are in search of assisted living, memory care, or help with general debility, Suncrest is here for you.



Our Story

Welcome to Farmington Hills

The second most populous city in all of Oakland County, Farmington Hills, MI, has everything you may be looking for as an individual or a growing family. Home to community amenities and attractions like Heritage Park, Longacre House, and the Governor Warner Mansion, Farmington Hills boasts plenty to do and see right here in the neighborhood. It is also home to Beaumont Hosptial, which is one of the largest, most well-respected medical institutions in all of Michigan.

If you are in search of assisted living facility in Farmington Hills, you should take a hard look at Suncrest. Having opened in 2021, our community is renovated, licensed, and staffed with some of the best care professionals in the business. Our small-group atmosphere provides an intimate, yet comprehensive treatment ecosystem where residents get everything they need to thrive.

Farmington Hills assisted living room

Compassionate Care

Services We Offer in Farmington Hills, MI

Suncrest Senior Living’s Farmington Hills facility offers an array of assisted living options. Individualized care from an experienced and friendly staff ensure that your loved one is living their best life possible as part of the Farmington Hills family.

We offer both short and long-term care, as well as support for senior illnesses including MS, Parkinson’s, dementia, and general debility.

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Assisted Living

Our Farmington Hills assisted living services cover a wide range of care. The most common assisted living services include the most necessary daily tasks that some elderly individuals are unable to perform.

  • Assistance with laundry
  • Transportation
  • General Housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Medicine disbursement
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Assistance using the restroom

Suncrest also offers social programs and activities for its residents to help them fulfill their social needs and sense of community.

Memory Care

Unfortunately, many aging individuals in Farmington Hills and Southeast Michigan suffer from some sort of memory loss, which can include dementia or Alzheimer’s. If your loved one needs extra support due to such struggles, Suncrest can help!

Memory care is intensive, specialized care that helps to provide a safe and structured environment for those struggling with memory loss. Our staff is trained to work with residents who struggle with memory issues.

We practice memory care by…

  • Checking in more frequently with residents
  • Monitoring the location of residents
  • Setting up certain safeguards to protect against wandering
  • Practicing techniques to prevent or alleviate the confusion, fear, or depression associated with dementia
  • Providing activities designed to help maintain cognitive function and decrease the rate of progressive memory loss
Physical Disability Support

Many individuals have a physical disability that may require more specialized care while living in an assisted living facility. Since the Farmington Hills location of Suncrest is locally owned and operated, we are able to tailor our care as much as possibly for each individual’s needs.

We are happy to help with transportation for those who may use walkers, wheelchairs, or other assistance devices. We want to make sure that our residents maintain a sense of independence, so we can help individuals with physical disabilities move around as freely as possible. We also help coordinate occupational and physical therapy.

Respite Care

Respite care provides relief for primary caregivers, usually on short notice. Care can be provided for just a few days or up to several months depending on the situation and need. Some people use respite care to get a short break from their primary caregiver responsibilities, but other times there may be an unexpected emergency that pulls you away from caring for your loved one. When that occurs, Suncrest in Farmington Hills is here to step in and step up when you need us the most.

Only the Best

Farmington Hills, MI Assisted Living Amenities

Our Farmington Hills location is thrilled to offer our residents the amenities you might ever expect or need at home, including cozy bedrooms, spacious common areas, and relaxing outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertaining. Throw in fresh meals, housekeeping, hygiene, community activities, and 24/7 care and you’ve got yourself a place where you can feel cared for and at ease. 

Just Like Home

Part of Our Farmington Hills Family

Suncrest strives to ensure that all of our Farmington Hills residents know how much we value them. Our team of caregivers works every day to ensure that those in our care get the attention they deserve.

To EVERYONE who has so carefully, respectfully and diligently taken care of dad, Words cannot begin to describe what you mean to our family. Dad is so well taken care of and because of you, he was able to attend his son’s wedding in Colorado and continue to be part of family outings and holidays.


I wanted to write to say thank you for everything that each of you did to make the last few months of my dad’s life as comfortable as possible. I really appreciate how each of you went above and beyond when caring for him. It meant so much to me as his daughter that you proactively called me and provided me with updates, you coordinated with his physicians and with hospice, and you generally did everything in your power to ensure that he was always as clean and as comfortable as you could possibly make him.


To dad’s team and family I really don’t know if I could ever express how much you girls mean to our family. You allowed dad to live his last days with so much comfort, dignity, respect and LOVE. We will stop in often because we will miss you too much if we don’t!


Multiple Locations in Southeast Michigan

In addition to our Farmington Hills location, we also serve two other communities in Oakland County.


Nestled in a beautiful suburban landscape, our Novi location is convenient to anything residents may want or need!


Our Milford location offers top assisted living care with the quaint and adorable village of Milford serving as a backdrop.


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118 Canal St, Milford MI 48381


34206 W 13 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills 48331

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