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Assisted living communities like Suncrest help residents to live as independently as possible in a safe, supportive environment. These facilities offer residents full-service care including housekeeping, food preparation, and medication management. Searching for assisted living near you? Our team specializes in most forms of senior care, including memory and Alzheimer’s care, to better assist residents with their specific needs.


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Why Choose Suncrest?

There are plenty of options for assisted living near you, but what makes Suncrest Senior Living stand out from the rest is our attention to detail and individualized care plans. A small-group assisted living model not only ensures that our residents’ health needs are being met, but their personal and social needs are being catered to as well.

In addition to personalized care benefits, Suncrest also offers top of the line amenities including, but not limited to, food preparation, housekeeping, medication administration, and specialized memory care. Our caregivers also organize fun group activities that keep residents engaged with each other on a regular basis! Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to offer more flexibility than our competitors and will work with you tirelessly to ensure your stay is nothing short of spectacular.

On top of that, with several convenient locations throughout Southeast Michigan in Oakland County, our residents are always close to the ones that they love! We know that you will appreciate all of the benefits Suncrest has to offer. Let us know if we can host you and your family for a tour today.

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Compassionate Care

Services We Offer

Typically, individuals who need living assistance, but do not require skilled nursing or 24/7 specialized care, are ideal candidates for assisted living. While some may only need help with cleaning or cooking, others may need help with activities like dressing, grooming, eating, and using the restroom. 

It is critical when choosing an assisted living facility to ensure that it offers all of the services required. For example, If you or a loved one has dementia, you will need specialized memory care to prevent confusion, wandering, or self-harm. Suncrest Senior Living is proud to offer many services to the Southeast Michigan senior community. Whether it’s day-to-day help with small hygienic tasks, dining assistance for those unable to prepare their own meals, or short-term recovery after an injury or procedure, we have got it covered! 

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Assisted Living

Assisted living is typically a longer-term solution for individuals who are unable to practice self-care. Assisted living services cover a wide range of areas and are highly specific to the individual receiving the care. The most common assisted living services include…

  • Assistance with laundry
  • Transportation
  • Housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Assistance using the restroom

Suncrest also offers social programs and activities for its residents. This helps them fulfill social needs and form a sense of community within the home.

Memory Care

Unfortunately, many aging individuals suffer from some sort of memory loss, which can include dementia or Alzheimer’s. If your loved one needs extra support due to such struggles, Suncrest can help!

Memory care is intensive, specialized care that helps to provide a safe and structured environment for those struggling with memory loss. Our staff is trained to work with residents who struggle with memory issues.

We practice memory care by…

  • Checking in more frequently with residents
  • Monitoring the location of residents
  • Setting up certain safeguards to protect against wandering
  • Practicing techniques to prevent or alleviate the confusion, fear, or depression associated with dementia
  • Providing activities designed to help maintain cognitive function and decrease the rate of progressive memory loss
Physical Disability Support

Many individuals have a physical disability that may require more specialized care while living in an assisted living facility. Since Suncrest is locally owned and operated, we are able to tailor our care as much as possibly for each individual’s needs.

We are happy to help with transportation for those who may use walkers, wheelchairs, or other assistance devices. We want to make sure that our residents maintain a sense of independence, so we can help individuals with physical disabilities move around as freely as possible. We also help coordinate occupational and physical therapy. 

Respite Care

Respite care provides relief for primary caregivers, usually on short notice. Care can be provided for just a few days or up to several months depending on the situation and need. Some people use respite care to get a short break from their primary caregiver responsibilities, but other times there may be an unexpected emergency that pulls you away from caring for your loved one. When that occurs, Suncrest is here to step in and step up when you need us the most.

Only the Best

The Top Senior Living Amenities

We know that you have a lot of choices for assisted living near you, but at Suncrest Senior Living we offer the top amenities and services for you or your loved one. We strike a balance between providing top-tier care and ensuring that our residents have activities that are both engaging and fun. 


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Assisted Living Near You

Multiple Locations in Southeast Michigan

Choose from several location of Suncrest across Oakland County in Southeast Michigan. Each location offers the same quality care from owners and staff that live right in your community.

We believe that the best care comes from the heart, which is why we are committed to elderly care with a personal touch. We aren’t just your caretakers; we are your family, friends, and neighbors.


The northern Metro Detroit suburb of Novi is known for strong local business, top-rated schools, and a friendly community that makes you feel at home.


The village of Milford, MI, is home to beautiful nature, popular restaurants, and the General Motors Proving Ground. 


A quaint but roomy residence, our newest location is located in fabulous Farmington Hills just north of Michigan State Highway 696.





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