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As we age, many of the things that we take for granted become more challenging. From cooking meals to simply getting around, we all struggle a little more as we get older. However, one of the biggest issues that seniors face is a decline in our mental decline and ability to remember.

Research suggests that 40% of those aged 65 and over will experience some form of memory impairment, while 1% of these will progress onto full dementia. If you are wondering how to improve memory in old age, there are many things that you can do to help improve your mental ability, and we have taken a closer look at five of the best tips and tricks to boost your memory.

1) Kick your bad habits

One of the first things that seniors can do to try and improve their mental capacity and memory is to kick any bad habits that they might have. Smoking is an incredibly harmful habit that can not only impact your mental capacity, but it can also be very damaging to your health. Alcohol is another extremely harmful habit, with research showing that it has a neurotoxic effect on the brain. This can lead to damage to the hippocampus, a core part of the brain responsible for memory. Alongside additional substances, you should also focus on improving your overall focus and health. Not getting enough sleep can be a major influence on memory, so if you are wondering how to improve memory in old age, then ensuring you get enough sleep is crucial.

2) Improve your nutrition

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Your nutrition is another very important factor when it comes to ways to improve your memory in old age. Focusing on a diet that is packed with natural products can significantly boost your mental capacity. Eating too much sugar has been shown to lead to reduced brain functionality and poor memory, impacting the part of the brain that is utilized for short-term memory. Cutting back on sugar will help you to improve your memory while also reducing the risk of many other health issues. When it comes to methods on how to improve memory in old age, it is not just about trying to reduce your sugar intake. Focusing on what you are eating and striving to maintain a healthy weight can also significantly impact the health and functionality of your brain. There have been multiple studies undertaken that have shown obesity can be a major contributor to cognitive decline, resulting in memory issues and a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

3) Use supplements

If you are wondering how to improve memory in old age, then many seniors have found the use of supplements can help to hold off the impact of aging and improve memory function. Natural products and over-the-counter supplements such as fish oil and Omega-3 have been shown to help slow mental decline in patients. Alongside other additional natural supplements such as vitamin E and ginseng, there are also some medical supplements that claim to be able to help with conditions such as Alzheimer’s. However, the prescription market is packed with a wide array of medications that should be taken with caution, and many patients actually achieve better results with a balanced diet of natural supplements such as Resveratrol, Phosphatidylserine, Ginkgo Biloba, and Creatine.

4) Get regular physical exercise

While movement can decline as we age, physical exercise is one of the most effective methods of combating mental decline. Not only does staying active help to improve your physical health, but it has also been shown to boost your mental health. Even just mild, regular exercise and activity can help to increase the body’s creation of neuroprotective proteins, which help to improve the health of the brain and boost memory. Regular exercise from midlife and amongst seniors has also been shown to help decrease the risk of developing dementia later on in life.

5) Undertake mental exercise

As we age, we begin to challenge ourselves and use our brain less, which can play a significant role in the decline of our memory. If you are looking for methods on how to improve memory in old age, then keeping your brain active and exercising your cognitive skills is a vital step. Whether it is playing games such as Sudoku or completing crosswords, or using the many popular brain training apps that are available, they can all help to improve your memory recall.

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While these tips and tricks are able to help combat some of the memory issues that come with aging, there is no single measure that can cure it. If your loved ones are beginning to struggle with their memory and cognitive ability and are in need of further support, then Suncrest Senior Living is here to help you. We offer an array of assisted living homes designed to give your parents and loved ones the support they need. Want to find out more? Get in touch today!


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