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Whether looking for a Christmas present, a birthday present, or you simply want to put a smile on the face of a loved one; gifts are a wonderful surprise. However, what gifts do you give someone in assisted living accommodation? A present is a great way to show you care, but if your loved one is in an assisted living facility, there are certain factors that you will need to consider.

Can you give Gifts to a Senior in an Assisted Living Facility?

In short, absolutely. Having a loved one in an assisted living facility does not mean that you cannot celebrate those special occasions with presents, but you do need to remember that there might be some limitations.

As we age, our priorities and interests change, so your gifts should reflect that. Whether it is a practical present such as a walker, an activity to keep them occupied, or a sweet treat, it is always best to check with the facility before bringing the gift in.

So, which gifts do you give someone in assisted living?

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1. Art supplies

Keeping the brain active is essential as we age, and giving your loved one art supplies is a great way to get their creative juices flowing. Being creative has also been shown to help reduce anxiety and depression symptoms

2. A comfy robe

As we get older, we often feel the cold far more than we used to. That is why giving your loved one a cozy and high-quality robe can make for the perfect gift. To make it extra special, you could consider adding slippers and socks, too.

3. Reading books

Books are another fantastic gift. Reading a book can help to keep the mind active while it can also be incredibly fun and will help your loved one escape to an array of fantasy locations.

4. Puzzle books

Puzzle books and crosswords are another great gift for someone living in an assisted living facility. These challenging books make for a fun and engaging present that will not only prove entertaining but could also help delay memory decline. Learn more about it on a recent blog regarding improving memory in old age.

5. Hand lotion

Assisted living facilities often require heating or air conditioning to be on to ensure it remains comfortable for residents, which can cause the skin to dry out. Giving your loved one premium lotion can help keep their hand soft and showcase how much you care.

6. Digital picture frame

Technology is transforming how we engage with the world around us, and gifts such as a digital picture frame can make for a perfect gift for your loved ones. These frames can be pre-loaded with snapshots from the past, allowing them to reminisce on their treasured memories.

7. Homemade foods

When it comes to answering what gifts can you give someone in assisted living accommodation, homemade snacks and foods are a fantastic way to showcase how much you care. Whether it’s their favorite home cooked meal or some delicious cookies, these are a great way to bring back those special memories.

What should you NOT give someone in a senior care home?

Of course, while there are some great gifts to give your loved ones, it is important to remember that there are some things you should not offer them. While some tech-savvy seniors love new technology, for the vast majority, it can be confusing and frustrating. If you are thinking of giving some homemade goodies, then it is important to remember any food and drink that they should not consume. This could be because of a serious health condition or because other residents might have allergies. Potentially hazardous materials should also be avoided. For example, a heated blanket or scented candles might seem a great idea, but they could cause a serious accident.

Senior living for your loved ones

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