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Freedom and independence are important to us and getting older does not change that. With more advances in technology than ever before, it is possible for older adults to remain in their homes safely as they age with the help of various devices.

Do Seniors Actually Use New Tech Devices?

Yes. Tech trends show that an increasing number of older adults are embracing the benefits of innovative devices that improve the quality of their lives in many ways ( From stronger memory, to enhanced social connection, seniors are taking advantage of these products more and more. Keep in mind, to get the full benefits of what technology has to offer, high speed internet is a must.

New user friendly programs and designs make the new tech world easier to navigate and encourage people of all ages to join in. Best of all in the age of online shopping, you can order your next tech device to be delivered right to you!

Here Are Your Top 10 Devices for Senior Living Alone

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1. Smartphones

Smartphones have become such an integrated part of our everyday lives. Most people, regardless of age, will have one of these with them in their pockets at all times. Smart phones are especially handy as they are multi functional, providing access to…

  • Instant communication, especially during emergency
  • Food Delivery
  • Transportation (ex. Uber and Lyft)
  • Connection to relatives and friends through video chat
  • The ability to look up anything you might need to know on the internet, and so so much more.

There is a wide range of models, and prices, to choose from. Smart phones can range anywhere from $100-$1,000, sometimes more for the very latest models.

2. Smart Home Assistants

Can add many automated conveniences to your everyday life. Most smart devices can be controlled with your smartphone and can range in price $60-$300 ( Smart assistants can play music, games, set reminders, make calls and texts for you, tell you the weather forecast, and more, all hands free. Some popular brands include:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple Siri

3. Smart Sensors

Use smart sensors to help you with such a wide variety of things. Sensors can (

  • Help with home security
  • Managing Temperature
  • Lock the door at night if you forget
  • Turn on the light when you enter a room
  • Let you know when a door or window is open
  • And so much more

These systems can range anywhere from $50 to $200 and some popular brands include:

  • Nest
  • Aloe Care Health
  • Abode

4. Smartwatch Medical Alert Systems

These systems are great because they can not only help keep track of your fitness, but can act as a medical alert system as well. Most have hands free calling ability, fall detection, GPS capability, and more. Prices can vary based on quality and whether any subscriptions are offered and/or required. Three of the best rated systems include (

  • Mobile Help
  • Medical Guardian
  • GreatCall Lively

5. Video Doorbells

These special doorbells not only save you from having to rush to the door to answer in a timely manner, since you can answer and unlock the door from your phone, but also helps screen your visitor, keeping unwanted contact with strangers to a minimum. This device costs between $80-$250, and according to, a few popular brands include:

  • Arlo
  • Nest
  • Ring

6. Tablets and E-Readers

Tablets are easy to use and provide hours of entertainment like games and books. These can range in price from $80-$400 and include several popular brands such as Apple, Google, and Samsung.

7. Smart Televisions

Smart TV

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Smart TV’s can help you relax and wind down, while providing great entertainment. Use the voice control feature to turn on your favorite streaming service to catch the next episode of the show you’re watching. These can range in price anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars and include popular brands:

  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Vizio
  • Panasonic
  • TCL
  • Philips

8. Automatic Pill Dispensers

These handy medical devices are invaluable to forgetful older adults who have a hard time keeping track of whether or not they took their scheduled medicine or not. Sounds and lights will activate when time to take the meds and will follow up if the meds aren’t taken. These can range in price from $30-$200 (

9. Stove Turn Off Devices

Unattended stoves can become dangerous. That’s why turn-off devices can be a lifesaver when it comes to the forgetful cook, who might sometimes forget they have something on the stove. These devices pair easily with many stove models. A motion sensor can tell when you leave the room and then will start a timer (which you can set), if you do not enter the room after time is up, the device will shut off the stove.

House fires are a real and common danger and this device is a thoughtful solution. Prices range from $30-$200. Just make sure that the one you purchase fits your model of stove you have.

10. Bidet Toilet Seat

Not just for luxury restrooms, a Bidet is probably an item you are surprised to see on this list. Think about it, as you get older, it can get harder to reach around and get a good clean. These seats can help older adults retain their dignity and hygiene. The price for these seats can range from $150-$500, with Brondell and Tushy being two popular brands.

Don’t Wait, Get This Tech Today

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Whether you or a loved one lives alone, in assisted living, or with family, the possibilities of how technology can enhance and improve your life is limitless. This list will be a good start to getting your golden years to a comfortable level but keep an eye out for new tech inventions. You never know what they will come out with next.


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