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Finding a nursing home for your loved ones is an emotionally challenging time. We all want the very best for our parents, ensuring they have the highest-quality level of care in their final years. However, finding the right level of care for your patients can be difficult, and this becomes even more complex when trying to find a nursing home for dementia patients.


What is a Nursing Home, Exactly?


A nursing home is typically the highest level of care available for elderly adults. These facilities can provide a wide range of assistance, including helping patients with feeding, dressing, bathing, and getting in and out of bed.

Alongside this custodial care, nursing homes will also provide in-depth medical care, with licensed physicians and medical staff on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A nursing home will also offer physical and occupational therapists for its patients, helping them to maximize their independence and quality of life.


Does a Nursing Home Work for Dementia Patients?


If you are seeking a nursing home for dementia patients, then it is important to understand the level of care that your loved one requires. For mild cases of dementia, nursing homes will be able to provide the care and support that the patient needs.

However, for more moderate and severe cases, or when the dementia symptoms reach a certain level, then patients will require more support. This can typically be provided through an Assisted Living or Memory Care facility.


Here’s What to Look for in a Nursing Home


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When finding a nursing home for dementia patients, you naturally want the very best level of care possible. There are over 15,000 nursing homes in the country, so to ensure you can find the right support and care for your parents, there is a range of factors to consider:




One of the most important considerations when it comes to when finding a nursing home for dementia patients is its location. You will want to ensure that your loved ones are as close by as possible. Not only does this make visiting them far easier, but it also means you are able to quickly get to the home in the event of a health emergency or should their dementia symptoms deteriorate.


Facility & Amenities


Alongside location, you will also want to ensure that the nursing home for dementia patients offers a wide range of amenities and services. This includes:

  • Ensuring residents enjoy multiple, home-cooked meals each day
  • Are able to enjoy fun and engaging activities
  • Have a personal laundry service
  • Have daily housekeeping
  • Social and engaging communal areas
  • Designed for safety and support for patients

Many of the best nursing homes will also offer a wide range of additional amenities, from the ability to decorate their room to hosting celebrations throughout the year.


Ratings & Reviews


When it comes to finding the right nursing home for your loved ones, you want to ensure they are in the best facility possible. Every home will showcase its best qualities online, so it is important that you check as many independent reviews as possible to get a clear insight.

This includes checking places such as Google,Better Business Bureau, Facebook, Yelp, and other online platforms. You should read through these reviews to see how the facility is rated for various services, including respite care, memory care, companion care, and hospice care.

Qualifications of Staff & Caregivers


Another very important consideration is the qualifications of the staff at your chosen nursing home for dementia patients. When reviewing this, you should also ask if staff have access to regular training and education and that the entire team focuses on providing a warm and welcoming approach to patients.


Nursing Home Rates


Finally, you should also review the rates for each home. Senior care can be incredibly costly, so make sure you understand the exact cost of the care being provided alongside the extras that come from lodging. You should also check on what insurance will cover and the financial support on offer.


How to Find a Nursing Home Near You

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Finding the perfect nursing home for dementia patients can be a challenge. Here at Suncrest Senior Living, we believe in providing the highest quality of care for our elderly residents. We offer an alternative to a nursing home, providing expert care for those who have moderate-to-severe dementia.

Our small-group assisted living homes are based across Highland, Milford, Novi, Highland, and South Lyon, so if you want to find out more, get in touch today.


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