As your loved ones get older, you never know what challenges they may be faced with. Whether they are dealing with memory issues, such as alzheimers or dementia, or they are facing more physical challenges, there may come a time to start considering 24 hour assisted living care.


How to Find a 24 Hour Care Facility


Sometimes caring for an elderly or disabled family member becomes too difficult for non-medical friends and family. If you think that 24 hour care is the correct choice for your family’s situation, the next step would be to find the best assisted living facility for your loved one. There are many things to consider when picking out the facility. Location is of course crucial to many, since your loved one will want to be close to family and friends. Price is also important, as well as the amenities you will be paying for. In addition to amenities, you will want to look at what speciality care each facility has to offer if that is something your family member will be needing.

After picking out a few 24 hour care facilities to consider, you will want to set up interviews and tours to get to know the staff and the set-up of each facility. Since this will be your family member’s new home, you want to make sure that the rooms are comfortable and the layout of the facility is conducive to the individual’s specific lifestyle.

A huge thing to consider is being on the same page about what kind of care is expected, while also ensuring that your family gets along with the caregivers. These caregivers will be a big source of companionship in addition to the care they supply. Ensuring that you fully are comfortable with the facility, is the best way to set up the new living situation for long-term success.

What is 24 Hour Care

Realizing that a family member may not be able to safely and comfortably live independently anymore is never an easy thing to process. There are many misconceptions of what it may mean to live in a 24 hour care facility (also known as an overnight care facility). 24 hour care can mean many different things for different people, and is very specific to each individual’s situation.

Essentially 24 hour care is what it sounds like; your loved one will have support around the clock for whatever the need may be. This is great for those with memory issues, who are physically unstable on their own, or who just need extra support nearby for the daily challenges that arise as we get older.

Typically, 24 hour care entails at least two caregivers taking care of your family member’s needs every single day, with each doing a 12-hour shift a day. This can differ of course depending on the facility and scheduling, but the idea remains the same with supervision and care being there at all times. 24 hour care really helps with stabilizing living situations, since there is someone there even through the sleeping hours of the individual being cared for.


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Benefits of 24 Hour Care – Here’s Why You Might Need it

There are some differences between 24 hour care and similar options, such as live-in care, that need to be considered in order to make the correct decision for your loved one’s situation. 24 hour care is appropriate for those that may wander, pose a threat to themselves in any way, or show symptoms of “sundowners syndrome.” This syndrome is when a person becomes more active or agitated in the evening hours.

24 hour care might be the right option for your family member if you would like there to be a super secure living situation. This type of care really ensures that there is nothing to worry about on a daily basis, since residents are constantly surrounded by educated and experienced caregivers at all hours of the day. These caregivers can help with every facet of daily life, from bathing to medication administration to companionship, they will have everything covered.

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Is Around-the-Clock Care the Right Choice for My Loved One?


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There are so many reasons why someone might consider around the clock care in a 24 hour care facility. If your loved one is getting to the point where you don’t feel that they safely can be unaccompanied at any point, then 24 hour care would be a great decision. This could be due to them being a high fall risk, struggling with memory issues, physical impairments, or emotional issues that could make them a risk to themselves.

Even outside of the scenarios that have been described, there is great comfort in knowing that someone is always around for your older loved ones. You want to feel confident that no matter what situation arises, they will be in good hands. Around-the-clock care in a 24 hour care facility will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that your loved one is with experienced and well-trained professional caregivers who have their best interest at heart always.


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