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Aging is an inevitability of life, and as we reach the golden years of our lives, we all want to maximize our enjoyment. When it comes to senior care, there are many different options available, each catering to meet your health and physical needs. For those elderly citizens seeking assisted living in Oakland County, Michigan, Suncrest Senior Living is one of the most sought-after locations in the region.

The small group of assisted living homes specializes in dementia and Alzheimer’s care, providing residents with full support while allowing them to remain close to their friends and family. The locally-owned facility also focuses on creating a warm and welcoming environment, letting residents feel immediately at home and proud to live in such a beautiful location.

What is assisted living in Oakland County, Michigan?

An assisted living facility is an important method of residential care that helps to maximize the quality of life for residents. Seniors in assisted living in Oakland County, Michigan, are still able to live independently while being able to enjoy access to expert care. Assisted living comes in an array of different levels, with some residents simply needing support with general tasks around the home, such as cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry. Other residents might need support with personal care, such as bathing, while others might require regular medical care and support. Some seniors will be able to still live in their existing properties with the support of skilled professionals, while others will need to move into a supported home. Nearly every facility offering assisted living in Oakland County, Michigan, will have a 24/7 level of support, with staff on-hand to help whenever they are needed. This is a particularly important factor for those residents who might have issues with their health or mobility. Having this constant level of care and support will also give loved ones the complete peace of mind that their parents are in the best possible hands.

What to consider when searching for assisted living near you?

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When it comes to finding assisted living in Oakland County, Michigan, there are many options available. This can make it a confusing and difficult decision, so to help you, we have taken a closer look at some of the key factors you need to consider:
  1. Location

    One of the most important factors when finding assisted living in Oakland County, Michigan, is the location of the facility. You will want to ensure that the location is close enough that friends and family are still able to visit.

  2. Size

    You will also want to make sure you are finding a home that is a suitable size in terms of the number of beds. This is an important consideration as the number of beds will impact the atmosphere of the home.

  3. Care Specialty

    Finding an assisted living facility in Oakland County, Michigan, will also depend on the level of care that the resident requires. Each facility will provide an array of services, such as general support, while there are other homes that are providing more thorough specialty care such as memory support. These facilities are designed to provide the resident with everything that they need to live fulfilled and as independent as possible.

  4. Cost

    Another factor that cannot be ignored is the overall cost of the facility. This is an incredibly important aspect of finding assisted living in Oakland County, Michigan, and will impact on the types of facility that your loved one will be able to stay in. The outright cost of these facilities can be incredibly expensive, so it is important that you understand what is currently covered under insurance or Medicare and what you might need to pay from your savings.

Best options for Oakland County

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Finding the best assisted living in Oakland County, Michigan, can be a tough decision. You want to ensure that your loved ones are able to enjoy the highest level of care and support, and here at Suncrest Senior Living, we pride ourselves on the safe and supportive environment that we create.

We offer a full-service level of care, including housekeeping, food preparation, and medication management, while our experienced team also specializes in memory and Alzheimer’s care. Our small-group facilities are located across Highland, Milford, Novi, Highland, and South Lyon, so if you want to find out more, get in touch with our team today.


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