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Everyone wants to feel that their life has true meaning. At times, it can be easy to feel lost and unsure as to what your purpose is and if you are truly living up to your potential. As we age, these worries can become stronger, as we question if we accomplished everything we wanted in our lifetime. There are many challenges that come with aging that only increase these emotions.

Aging brings new physical challenges

We have all heard of the concept of a bucket list, but as our bodies start to get more frail, it can be hard to go on all the adventures we dreamed of. Suddenly, skydiving or backpacking through Europe are out of reach. Outside of exciting excursions such as these, many find daily tasks, such as going to a new restaurant or even just taking care of oneself day-to-day, way more challenging as they get older. All of the physical limitations that come with getting older can make aging with grace and dignity daunting.

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Cognitive decline complicates our older years

The brain’s memory, reasoning, and comprehension skills start to deteriorate around the age of 45. As we get older, the rate of decline tends to increase, which can result in diagnosis like dementia and Alzheimer’s for some. For others, they may simply just find that their sharpness and ability to think clearly becomes harder and harder. The decrease in mental capability makes many people understandably frustrated and confused as they get older, which makes it harder to see all the good that can come from aging.

Emotions tug on our later years

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Getting older brings on a whole list of strong emotions to try and navigate. As we realize that our years left on Earth are swiftly decreasing, it can be hard to not question our spiritual or religious beliefs about what happens after we are gone. Emotions can be at an all-time high as our physical and mental health decline, which can directly affect our relationships with those around us. In addition, our position with loved ones will shift as we move from being a caregiver, to being the one needing to be taken care of. When things start to look so different, it can be so easy to forget all that we have accomplished.

The concept of existentialism is all too real as we age. The need to find the purpose behind our lives and to make sure we lived up to our true potential is highlighted as we get closer to the end. We may begin to question if we have done enough. It is important to understand that this is all normal, and that our feelings are valid. It is also crucial that we all focus on all the good in our lives and are thankful for all we have done, and are yet to experience. This sets us up for aging with grace and dignity in our later years.


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